Upgrade Guide

This upgrade guide is only for those who have installed OpenPAI >= v1.0.0, and want to upgrade current cluster to a newer version. For example, upgrade from v1.0.0 to v1.1.0. If you want to upgrade older version before v1.0.0 to version >= v1.0.0. Please refer to Installation Guide.

The upgrade process is mainly about modifying services-configuration.yaml and using paictl. If you are not familiar about them, please first refer to here to set up paictl and services-configuration.yaml.

Notice: We recommend those who are upgrading from version < v1.6.0 (not including v1.6.0) to check this issue before follow the steps below.

Stop All Services and Previous Dev Box Container

First, launch a dev box container of the current PAI version, stop all services by:

./paictl.py service stop

The command will ask you for the cluster id for confirmation. If you forget it, another command ./paictl.py config get-id will help you.

If you don't want to affect current running jobs, please skip stopping storage-manager by using the following command:

./paictl.py service stop --skip-service-list storage-manager

Use exit to leave the dev box container. And remove it by:

sudo docker stop dev-box
sudo docker rm dev-box

Modify services-configuration.yaml

Now, launch a dev box container of the new version. For example, if you want to upgrade to v1.1.0, you should use docker openpai/dev-box:v1.1.0.

Then, retrieve your configuration by:

./paictl.py config pull -o <config-folder>

Find the following section in <config-folder>/services-configuration.yaml:


  # the docker registry to store docker images that contain system services like Frameworklauncher, Hadoop, etc.


    tag: v1.0.0


Change the tag to the version you want to upgrade to, e.g. v1.1.0, then save the file.

Push the modifed services-configuration.yaml by:

./paictl.py config push -p <config-folder> -m service

Start All Services

Start all PAI services by:

./paictl.py service start

If you didn't stop storage-manager, start other services by:

./paictl.py service start --skip-service-list storage-manager

After all the services are started, your OpenPAI cluster is successfully upgraded.